2017/03/21 00:42:15
Ещё немного о канадской "доброте" -
"Almost half of Canadians want illegal border crossers deported: poll."

Если помните, то некоторые участники сообщества не верили, когда я написал, как учительница вынудила десятиклассников стрелять из лука по мишени-фотографии Трампа.
Ну так вот вам новая "взятая высота", теперь уже с официальными пруфами.
Няшки, они - такие няшки.

"Donald Trump-themed escape room opens in Calgary.
During the “escape room,” players are confined to a Trump-themed room and must solve a series of puzzles to escape within 60 minutes.
“You see that the security guard is away from his desk, and his poncho and sombrero are hung up beside his post,” Turnbull explained. “A brief recording at the start gives you some storyline … and tells you that you have an inside connection in the building who has left clues to help you ‘take down the Donald.”

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